Glaze Paint Shop

We carry ONLY brands MADE for ceramic clay.

We truly believe in supporting the companies who support traditional ceramics.

Doc Holliday- Mayco- Duncan-Gare-Fashion Hues

All Glazes & Acrylic is made in the USA!

Please note: During cold winter months- acrylics should not freeze.

We may ship your items at the beginning of the week to ensure that items wont be left outside on a dock over a weekend to freeze.

Glaze Has To Be Fired In A kiln!

Glaze is perfect for items that will need to be Food Safe & Dishwasher Safe.

You CAN use glaze on items that are decorative too!

*Application of 1-3 Coats.

*Perfect for Dishware & Planters

*Non Toxic

*Gloss, Satin or Matte Finish depending on Glaze Choice

*Washes Out with Warm Water