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Painted Color Ceramics

SG201 Black Cobblestone

SG201 Black Cobblestone

PriceFrom $6.25

SG-201 Black Cobblestone 4 oz. jar.

Cobblestones create a textured "cobbled" surface when fired. Apply over another glaze and during the firing process, a shattered pattern of raised, irregular chips will emerge. The underlying glaze will appear in the cracks. To create colored Cobblestones, brush Stroke & Coat glaze of choice over the white Cobblestone and fire.

Certified AP non-Toxic and Food safe; however not recommended for food surfaces due to surface characteristics.

Apply 1 coat of Stroke & Coat over Cobblestone glaze for colorful textural effects.

Cobblestones may also be fired to cone 6 to add a unique look to mid-range fire designs.

Great for replicating skin patterns and textures of reptiles and spotted animals.

Application Recommendations:

While Cobblestones can be applied over a previously fired glaze, the cracked pattern will become more pronounced if applied on an unfired glaze.

Shake for 5-6 seconds before use.

Dispense glaze onto a palette (tile, plate, etc.) and apply 2 coats with a broad, soft brush

Apply the second coat while the first coat is still damp: do not allow Cobblestone to dry between coats.

Pattern break-up is determined by the application direction of the brush stroke. Large break up heavier application, small breakup lighter application.

If application is too light the cobblestone will not break up. Reapplying and touching up will not achieve a break up.

Fire to shelf cone 06 or higher. Cone 6 results: turns glossy.

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