Acrylic Paint Shop


We carry ONLY brands MADE for ceramic clay.

We truly believe in supporting the companies who support traditional ceramics.

Doc Holliday- Mayco- Duncan-Gare-Fashion Hues

All Glazes & Acrylic is made in the USA!

Please note: During cold winter months- acrylics should not freeze.

We do NOT ship liquid items during cold months. No Exceptions.

Acrylics DO NOT have to be fired in a kiln but should have a sealer protector.

Acrylics are perfect for decorative items and Can NOT be used for food use items.

*Water Based (Wash out with warm water

*Self Sealing

*One Coat Application

*CAN be used on Canvas, Wood, etc. but MADE for ceramics!

*Perfect for shading, drybrushing & other techniques

*Non Toxic & Kid Safe!