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 Workshop Policies

Workshops are a wonderful way to learn new and upcoming techniques from our certified instructors

You will walk away from our workshops feeling confident and knowledgeable about the products we used.

You will be able to take that knowledge and use it on future projects!

Workshops are an excellent way to make new friends visit, and learn!

If you want a night out or wanna learn something new....come take a workshop!

Please Read Our Rules and Regulations before signing up for a workshop. We enforce strict rules in our studio:


1- There is NO REFUNDS on your prepayed sign up or party deposit.

When we prepare our workshops we need to be sure we have just enough supplies ordered ahead of time and the correct amount of ready to paint bisque projects for everyone in our workshop.

If you do not call or show up, someone on the waiting list could have taken your place.

Our workshop price amounts are lump sum at a discount, so you can learn skills for future projects. You DO NOT get credit nor do you receive your ready to paint bisque item that was included in the workshop. If you would like to paint an item at a later date, you are required to purchase the ready to paint item, supplies, firings and sitting fees. No exceptions! You CAN find someone to take your space.

It is YOUR responsibility to note the day & time you signed up for.

It is also YOUR responsibility to provide us with up to date phone and email during signup- in the event we need to contact you.


(due to Instructor Illness, death, Bad Weather, etc.)**

Painted Color Will contact you via email and phone that is given during signup- one week BEFORE workshops original schedule date.

If you are unable to attend the reschedule date: we may try to fit you into another workshop similar to the one you are taking. As a last resort: you may come into our studio during open times- within 15 days & create your workshop piece.

If you do NOT contact us BEFORE the reschedule date: and do NOT show up to the reschedule date: you will be considered a "NO SHOW". No exceptions!


If a workshop has less than 5 people sign up- we may cancel.

In this case: we will notify you via email & phone text one week before workshop date.

You will be refunded your workshop payment amount within three days via the same way prepayment was made. (Paypal/Square/In studio)


2- NO Food allowed. The grease on your chips and snacks will make your glaze crawl and do weird things. The chemical reaction is not pretty. :) If you touch your projects with greasy hands, your project will not turn out nice.

3- Please do not have lotions or oils on your hands.

4- No Alcohol allowed in studio unless organized beforehand.


5- Please arrive 15 minutes before workshop begins. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late we will not be able to get you caught up on the beginning steps of your project.

6- If you did not pay for the workshop you are NOT allowed in the studio.

No walkins or squatters while we are instructing our paid guests.

No children or babies or pets allowed if you are taking a workshop

7-Please understand that by taking a workshop, you are not receiving instruction for a certification. The tools we give you, assist you on your future projects. However, one class is not enough to give an individual the "know how" to instruct others. Everyone in the workshop is at the same level is you.

DO NOT listen to your neighbor. Listen to your instructor.

Our instructors have over 30 years experience.

8- Please be respectful of other guests.

9-Items Not finished in a workshop can be finished during "open classes".

You MUST purchase your own supplies to finish. You may also finish at home. If your item is left for more than 90 days on the shelf and we have not seen you, your project will be tossed in the garbage or given to another artist to finish and keep.


We ave these policies in order to stay in business.


780 Old Corvallis Road- Corvallis MT

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