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Common Questions about ceramics and class information


What is the difference between greenware and bisque?

When we "pour greenware" we are simply mixing solutions and clay together to make a slip clay. We then pour the slip (looks like cake mix) into molds and later take it out of the mold- it has to dry into greenware. At the greenware stage- you will have to clean it with cleaning tools and sponges to get any seams and spots off of your piece. Your dry clay creation (greenware) can be then fired into bisque (ready to paint). Bisque is clay that has been fired at a very hot temp. and then turns white. Greenware is a dark grey, where bisque is very white. There are different ceramic techniques to do on both greenware and bisque. We can show you how. It takes about 3 weeks for a piece to be made and to be ready to paint.


How much is this gonna cost?

We tell everyone who comes in for the first time- to set a budget. You could go CRAZY wanting all the goodies we have available! Our bisque prices begin at $1.50 and go all the way up to $150.00. We carry bisque that is for any experience level. Usually something about the size of your hand is around $8-12. (depending on detail). When you begin buying your paints/glazes, we want everyone to purchase colors we know they will use again. (Black, White, Tan, etc.) Our acrylic prices begin at $3.00, again, depending on size and brand. Glaze prices begin around $4.45. You purchase what you need as you need it! If an item needs fired, we charge half the price of what the item would be in the greenware. We have a great list and chart of all the colors and prices at the store. Come check them out! If you let us know what you want to begin with- we can help you fit a project for you budget.


Do you only offer glazing and dishware?

NO WAY! Are you kidding? That's no fun! We offer a LARGE array of creations. Thousands actually.........like native american pieces, African items, farm animals (chickens, cows, ducks, pigs...), piggy banks, seasonal items, holiday items and more. There is SO much to choose from. We do offer glazing at Painted Color and we do have some dishware- but you can let yourself go wild at creating something fun with many techniques to choose from. Alot of our glazing is done in a technique class form, so you can learn the step by step production of how to make your piece look amazing.


What is there to do beyond glazing? I've went to a "Paint your own pottery studio" and all they offered was glazing.

With the large array of colors in acrylics, Painted Color can show you your options. When you come to an open class- we walk you thru painting your project step by step. That is why our open classes are SO great! You get added instruction and help with your project from your knowledgeable staff. We show you how to blend colors, antique your items, dry brush your pieces, add glitters and SOOOO much more. We WANT your projects to look amazing! We strive for you to walk out the door Happy and Proud of what you learned at Painted Color.


What are "Open Classes? Why is there a fee?

During our Open Class times- anyone of any age and any skill level can come in and paint. You can work on anything you like in the store. There is a $5 class fee per person per class period. This class fee includes step by step instruction by our knowledgeable staff and use of the building. Painted Color supplies towels, brushes, water and paint plates. We also even clean up your mess for you so you don't have to. You are required to purchase your own project to work on and any supplies. If you have supplies at home you can bring them as long as they fit our guidelines.


I want to do a technique class- but I'm not artistic.

Ohhhh that is why we are here! Most of our technique classes are for people to learn how to do something new. Skill levels on technique classes are for any skill level. We usually post age guidelines for most of the technique classes- so as long as you fit those- you are golden! We ALL have an artistic flare! We ALL are creative! You are coming to learn, relax, meet new friends and ENJOY yourself! That is what is important.


I have paints and brushes. Can I bring them to Open Class?

Okay...okay....so here is the deal. ALL the ceramic products we handle, including our acrylics, glazes, brushes, etc. are ALL FOR CERAMICS and ceramics ONLY. We strive to carry GREAT quality products for all your ceramic needs. We WANT your ceramic pieces to look totally awesome. Now....those cheap paints you buy at big box stores and local art supply stores are NOT ceramic paints. Those silly things are MULTI-PURPOSE paints and they are VERY watered down. (like ALOT) You have to apply a couple coats and they don't look so great. These "wanna be" paints are not compatible with ours. Our top of the line paints put them to shame! Ha! So NO- you may NOT bring these into class times. These brands include: Apple Barrell, Artist Loft, Deco Art, etc. ---If you are unsure if yours is for ceramics only- just ask. We are here to teach you about ceramics. Oh....and another thing....in order for us to stay in business, & be here for you to have a place to paint and get educated about this wonderful art: YOU MUST SUPPORT US! You gotta buy our products!!!!!


I have some bisque and/or greenware. Can you help me with it?

Sure! Let's create something. We can walk you through making it amazing during any of our open class times. We no longer fire items that haven't been purchased in our studio. But we can assist you the best way possible.


What ages are allowed to come to classes?

Open classes and workshops are for ages 12 to adult. If your children are younger than 12: we have some amazing "To Go" kits available!


We want to get a group together and paint. Can we do that? Can we have a wine night? What about a birthday party?

Of course! We offer your very own time slot to groups of 8 or more. Each time slot is a 3-4 hour time period.

The best thing to do is message us and we can chat about a budget, what your group would like to work on and what days/times work best. All group classes also include your class fee, so yes- you WILL get instruction on all your projects!

We do NOT allow alcohol in our studio. No Exceptions.


Do you take checks?

I'm so sorry. We do not! However we DO accept all forms of credit/debit cards and always cash!


Who are you people??

We are in our 4th generation of ceramics! We quit for about 18 years and did other things. We had other businesses and spent time with our families and now.....here we are. We decided to open again because it is within' us. WE LOVE CERAMICS. We all have been in it for so long and know so much stuff about it- so we love teaching it to you all. Since there is not a ceramic shop that offers what we do, within' a 200 mile radius, and the Bitter Root NEEDS art- we chose to open up again. Char is helping with classes and is a certified ceramics teacher. Steffeni was born and raised in the ceramic shop with her mom (Char) and her gramma (Lydia). Char and Lydia owned "Ceramic Hobby Center" (across the road actually!) from the early 70's to the early 90's. Sylvia (Steffeni's daughter) is now learning what has been taught over the years. We all have a passion for ceramics. We love clay, we love painting, & we love teaching all of you how much fun it can be. We enjoy friends who walk in our door and want to explore learning new things. Our friends have become part of our ceramic family! We strive to give you the best customer service possible and want to make our customers feel at home. It is SO important to make memories with your family, like we have done, and do something fun together. You all have NO idea how much your support means to all of us!!!