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Common Questions about ceramics, shipping, etc.


What is the difference between greenware and bisque?

When we "pour greenware" we are simply mixing chemical solutions and clay together to make a slip clay.

We then pour the slip (looks like cake mix) into molds and later take it out of the mold- it has to dry into greenware.

At the greenware stage- you will have to clean it with cleaning tools and sponges to get any seams and spots off of your piece.

Your dry clay creation (greenware) can be then fired into bisque (ready to paint).

Bisque is clay that has been fired at a very hot temp. and then turns white.

Greenware is a dark grey, where bisque is very white.

There are different ceramic techniques to do on both greenware and bisque. We can show you how.

It takes about 3 weeks for a piece to be made and to be ready to paint. Clay takes time and is NOT a fast process.

Do you make your items?

YES! We manufacture 99% of our items right here in studio. Items we can not get the molds for: we do have to import.

But overall we are a MADE IN MONTANA USA studio!

Your ceramic pieces are HAND CAST, HAND CLEANED (so yes, there will be tiny flaws at times) and fired IN our studio. We also HAND PACK each order.

Can we purchase items to paint at home??

YES! We actually encourage it! We offer over 3500 ready to paint items in studio, along with thousands of supplies.

You can shop during business hours  and paint at home. If you glaze your piece: you can bring it back to be fired. We have over 10,000 mold designs that rotate. Always watch our website for new pieces.


Can We Shop in Studio?

Yes! We offer business hours for in store shopping as well as a FULL ONLINE store. You can purchase ready to paint ceramic pieces and paint with you own paints at home if desired. 


Do you only offer glazing and dishware?

NO WAY! Are you kidding? That's no fun! We offer a LARGE array of creations. Thousands, African items, farm animals (chickens, cows, ducks, pigs...), piggy banks, seasonal items, holiday items and more. There is SO much to choose from. All our items are fired for glaze use: but you CAN USE NON FIRED ACRYLIC on items not intended for dish ware use.

In store painting is GLAZE ONLY: But we do carry different mediums to purchase or we teach in our workshops.

Do you take checks?

I'm so sorry. We do not! However we DO accept all forms of credit/debit cards and always cash! Our website now also has payment plan options through PayPal as well.

SHIPPING & Online Order Info:

I have decided I do Not want product that I ordered. Can I Cancel my Order & Get a Refund?

Painted Color Ceramics policy includes a $5 RESTOCKING fee per product for any order placed and cancelled-


Orders that have left the studio are in a NO REFUND policy. Period.

If your order has NOT left the studio: we will deduct the $5 per item restock fee from your balance paid: and REFUND YOU the remaining amount plus ship costs. (if any) You will also be charged a $3.95 Handling fee.

I have broken, frozen or damaged product in my shipment. Can I get a refund?

We have a NO REFUND POLICY. Items leave our studio in excellent condition and we can NOT control how items are handled once they leave our door.  Boxes can be thrown, tossed or even left on trucks for days. Boxes also get lost too. However: your box DOES arrive with Insurance with the company it shipped with.

You can visit or to FILE A CLAIM.

If you believe we have sent the incorrect item, you are missing an item or your shipment is damaged: we MUST be notified via email or phone within 48 Hours of delivery so we can assist in correction of the issue as needed.

We suggest taking photos of your damages. You will also need your receipt (which should be in your email) for a refund.

You will need to repurchase any items if needed. Again: WE DO NOT REFUND your piece or money once items leave our door.

Why do you not ship paints in winter months?

Its Montana. Our temps can be below freezing. Paints freeze and then are no good. We do not ship liquid products between the end of November to mid March. If your liquids DO arrive frozen: please file a claim with your ship company.

I placed an order but can not pick it up right away. How long will you hold my order?

We hold PAID orders for PICK UP up to 30 days. Orders left over 30 days are returned to stock with NO REFUND. If you are ill or can not make it right away: please contact us. We are happy to work something out. Cancelled orders with 7 days will be charged a $5 restocking fee per item. Handling fees are NON REFUNDABLE.  PICK UP TIMES are In Studio every Saturday 11:00-3:00pm

How long will it take to receive my order?

We generally ship orders within one week. Everything on our website in stock is ready to ship. We process orders in the order they are received. During busy months (Christmas and Easter Season) your order may take up to Two weeks to process. 

We DO offer a “Rush My Order” option for an additional $20. Add it to your cart at checkout to get your order bumped to the top of the list. You will then ship within 2-3 days.

Where do I find my tracking number on my order?

Please check your junk mail if this is your first time ordering. We send a direct email with the items being shipped along with your tracking. You will also receive a tracking number from the ship company. (UPS or USPS)

All of my items were not in stock but I paid for them. Will they be on back order?

No. When we process your order, if an item is out of stock, we REFUND YOU to your method of payment. You will need to reorder the item when it is available in stock again. We do try our absolute best to keep our inventory up to date: but sometimes items slip through the cracks. We are a small business…not amazon.

Do You cast on order?

We do not take requests. We offer over 10,000 designs and try to keep up with demand as much as we can. If you are looking for a certain item: please reach out. We may be able to tell you when it will be in our rotating inventory.

Do You offer wholesale?

We offer a 5% discount on our Ready to Paint Bisque Only for Brick and Mortar studios. You may contact us for more information.


A little About Us:

We are in our 4th generation of ceramics! Lydia and Char opened "Ceramic Hobby Center" in the early 1970s. Lydia traveled all over the US & achieved over 30 Ceramic Teaching Certifications in techniques. Char accompanied her and achieved certificates herself too; while teaching classes within their own studio and retail store.

In 1981 Steffeni was born into the industry and the past 40 years she has learned from the Best of the Best.

Growing up in this industry has brought many challenges with the art as it has changed with the times.

Steffeni Reopened the ceramic shop in 2015 & changed the name to "Painted Color Ceramics". The shop was started from scratch after being closed for 12 years. With the help of Lydia, Char and Sylvia (steffenis Daughter) a revamp on the ceramic shop was made & new directions of business were started. We are now in our 6th year being open and our studio grows every year. With the loss of Lydia in 2019, Steffeni has empowered herself to achieve bigger goals in Nannas memory and her love for this amazing art.  Steffeni also strives to keep this traditional ceramic industry going in memory of her dear friend Ann Marie Ollsen from "Grannies Habits Ceramics" in Ronan MT: whom passed away a few years ago: who also was a intelligent, bold and artistic woman who too: taught Steffeni SO much about this art. 

With the support of our customers, we can continue to keep traditional ceramics thriving for many years to come.

In 2023 we have brought flat rate painting and a Paint Your Own Pottery Twist into our studio. We are now part of the CCSA and will be offering many more options to our customers.

We want to thank each and every one of you for trusting us with knowledge, friendship and encouragement and hopefully you can all learn to love this art as much as we do: for generations to come.



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