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Painted Color Ceramics

Create a Paw Print Memory Of Your Pet

Create a Paw Print Memory Of Your Pet


Remember your best friend forever! Cats, Dogs, you name it!

Create a pawprint tile for your pet.


This kit includes:

One dish for print (6" round)

Brush & Glaze (for pawprint & saying if desired)




*We recommend creating your pets paw print when they are sleeping. Some pets just get too excited or curious, or even scared when they are unsure as to what you are doing.

Glaze is non toxic and can be wiped off of your pets paw with a warm washcloth or baby wipe.


After paw is placed on to tile: you can decorate the tile with your best friends name, date or saying.

Bring in to the studio to  fire- Tile is ready in about a week.


Need assistance with writing? We are here to help! Let us know what you would like your tile to say and we will create it at no charge.


*****A $10 Donation will go direct to the Bitter Root Humane Assoc. in Hamilton Mt, for each tile purchased.*****



Choose A Color other than Black!
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