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Painted Color Ceramics

White Metallic Acrylic- Mayco

White Metallic Acrylic- Mayco


Be sure to basecoat with one of our TOP of the line acrylics before adding this color.

(Over time, when applied directly to bisque, this color will turn light yellow if no base coat is applied.)

For pearl white: Apply a white basecoat, then one coat of this beautiful acrylic.


Use White Metallic Pearl and a variety of art media! This water-based acrylic adds a metallic pearl luster to your creations!

Softees® Pearls create high luster, pearlescent finishes on ceramic bisque, fabric and other craft surfaces. They are a water-based acrylic and are non-toxic.

Mayco's non-fired assortment includes a wide range of colors and finishes with superior performance over craft brands. Softees®, Pearls have creamy, vibrant colors with exceptional coverage.

This product is manufactured by Mayco.

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