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Painted Color Ceramics

Stoneware Tuckaway Turtle Box

Stoneware Tuckaway Turtle Box

$20.00 Regular Price
$16.00Sale Price

6" L x 4 ½" H (As purchased, soft fire)
5 ½" L x 4" H (Approximate size after Cone 6 firing)

The Stoneware Tuckaway Turtle Box is turtley adorable! Tuckaway or store your ocean treasures and trinkets inside this unique bisque box. Your favorite shell finds now have somewhere to stay safe! This stoneware turtle box can be personalized with your favorite stoneware glaze colors. This little stoneware turtle can also be used as the perfect garden decor or outdoor hideaway for your house key!

780 Old Corvallis Road- Corvallis MT

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