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Painted Color Ceramics

Stoneware Garden Mushroom Lantern

Stoneware Garden Mushroom Lantern

$42.72 Regular Price
$25.63Sale Price

7 ⅞" H x 6 ⅞" Dia x 5 ½" W (As purchased, soft fire)
7" H x 6 ¼" Dia x 5" W (Approximate sixe after Cone 6 firing)


Gift your tiny backyard critters a nice bed and breakfast nook to rest their little legs! The Stoneware Garden B&B is the cutest addition to your outdoor garden or backyard decor, and a functional one too! This piece includes a small enclosure perfectly sized to fit a frog or any smaller garden creature. This piece also makes a wonderful addition to any fairy garden. What a sweet retreat!

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