Painted Color Ceramics

Mythical Garden Kit

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Need a fantastic project to work on from home? Well, we’ve got a wonderful solution!

Get the Mythical Garden Kit for your artists!

The design of the Mythical Garden Kit makes it simple to use and great for everyone! It does not require any special equipment or a kiln.

The Mythical Garden Kit comes with the following supplies:

  • Fairy Plaque
  • Mushroom Fairy House Plaque
  • Troll Plaque
  • Brown, Black, White, Red, Bright Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Light Yellow, Pink, Purple, Dark Teal, and Green Acrylic Paints
  • Sparkly Gold-Teal Mosaic Pieces
  • Sparkly White Mosaic Pieces
  • Sparkly Purple Mosaic Pieces
  • Glue
  • Paint Brushes

The Mythical Garden Kit is a wonderful choice for artists of every skill level, and it’s perfect for fantasy lovers and for families! And since it comes with everything necessary to complete the project, it will be awesome for anyone to take home!