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Painted Color Ceramics

Krackle It- Doc Holliday- 2oz Bottle

Krackle It- Doc Holliday- 2oz Bottle


Krackle It is a  MUST HAVE product!


How to Use:

Using a Doc Holliday Acrylic, apply one coat of your favorite acrylic color onto your ceramic piece.

Allow to Dry.

Apply One GOOD coat of Krackle It over the top of your acrylic.

Allow to Dry. (we like to dry overnight!) If Krackle is sticky or wet: it will not work.

Using your next color choice of Doc Holliday Acrylic, Apply One Coat in one direction- your second color choice. 

As the Acrylic dries: it should begin to Krackle.

Seal with a Nice DH Sealer.


Krackle It Creates a Cracking effect to your pieces.

Non Toxic.

Water Based. (washes out in water)


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