Painted Color Ceramics

Duncan Pure Brilliance Clear Glaze- Fired Product


Pure Brilliance clear glaze - 4 oz. jar.  Transparent gloss.  Brush on.

Pure Brilliance is a high-performance, non-toxic clear glaze. It's advantages include:

  • Great for use over all underglazes
  • Enhances colors and whitens bisque
  • Brilliant shine
  • Easy to use
  • Very forgiving
  • Craze resistant
  • Dinnerware safe
  • Fast and stable dry time
  • Non-toxic, lead free

Manufacturer's Directions
Mix well.  Apply 2 coats to shelf cone 04 bisque.  Fire to shelf cone 06.  Water cleanup.

Health and Safety
Safe for use on food containers when properly applied and fired to shelf cone 06.  Non-toxic.  Conforms to ASTM D-4236.  Always consult label before use.