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Painted Color Ceramics

Create A Hand-Print Plate  Kit

Create A Hand-Print Plate Kit


 Create A gift this Christmas with your own handprints!

 A great gift for grandparents, parents or other family members!

This Kit Includes:

One 12" ROUND plate

6 Basic Colored Paint Pods

3 Brushes



You can choose your design:)

Have Fun and Use Hand prints, Foot Prints and even Finger Prints!


You drop off your plate for clear glazing and firing (included in cost)

*Can be dropped of during business hours or curbsite with your name and #*

Plates MUST be dropped off by December 13th for pickup before Christmas! No exceptions.

We will fire after the due date but may not have it available before the Holiday.

Plates are food safe, dishwasher safe and microwave safe. Glaze is NON toxic.

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