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780 Old Corvallis Road- Corvallis Montana


General Monthly Calendar 2020



We will have NO OPEN PAINT Until Phase 2-3.

We ARE OPEN for Shopping to Go!

You CAN purchase supplies to paint at home on our online store!


Open Paint during business hours- Ages 4+ Welcome!

No Sign Up required.

Our Open Paint allows for you to come in at a convenient time for you and relax.

Our tables are available for you to work on the project of your choice.

We have MANY painting options available because we like to cater to YOU and what YOU want and fits YOUR budget! (Plus, its more fun that way!)

We offer MORE than just glazing!

At Painted Color Ceramics you can learn:


Mineral Spirits (Oil based)


Fabric-Cover & Beading


Silkscreening (Glaze or Acrylic)

Glazing (Crystals, Underglaze, Overglaze, Fired Golds, Lusters)

Drybrushing Techniques

Antiquing & Blending


Clay design, Clay Lifting


How it works:


1. Choose your project (We have THOUSANDS of ready to paint items available.

Dragons, Wildlife, Garden gnomes, Dishware, Sealife.......etc. )

Items range from $1.25 to $52.

2. Chat with our certified friendly staff about how you want to create your piece, We will keep you in your budget, show you color options and technique designs. YOU set your budget.

We run you a tab FOR THE DAY so you can get the supplies you need, as you need it.

Pay before you go. If you come with a friend, you may split the cost of supplies.

Remember: you can make a project a $5 project or a $500 project. Its all up to you.


3. Relax and paint. Our certified staff is here to assist if you need help. We want you to feel confident in your piece. What represents you, represents us.

If you do not finish your piece you may take it home and work on it: or leave it in our studio & return. (Items left after 90 days will be considered abandon) Bring your supplies with you. You purchased them!


Be sure to check out our monthly workshops & events

for flat rate options.

Learn- Create- Paint

We do have a $4 per person per day Sitting fee. Stay as little or as long as you like.

Sitting fee helps replenish paper towels, q tips, towels, water, and provides you with set up/clean up, use of brushes, paint plate and certified instruction.

Please note: We do NOT allow Big Box Store paint into our studio.

We are a your full ceramic retail store. Support our business and purchase from us!

We carry top of the line products and are certified to teach with the supplies we sell.

Full Ceramic Retail Catering to

Western Montana and Beyond!

Come in and shop to go!

*Top Of The Line Glazes & Acrylics MADE for Ceramic Clay

(Mayco, Doc Holliday, Gare, Duncan. Amaco, Kimple, etc.)


*Special Products (Glitter, Sealers, Etc.)



*Over 9.000 Molds of Ceramic Ready To Paint Bisque

(Our inventory changes with the seasons and

NEW items are out for sale every week!)


*Brushes (Beginner & Advanced) Single or in Packs.


*Kiln Firing


*Over 35 years experience




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