Montana Ceramic Retreat 2020

June 13-14 Saturday & Sunday (Sold Out)

October 3-4 Saturday & Sunday (10 Spots Available)


9:00am to 6:00pm

780 Old Corvallis Road-Corvallis MT 59828

Beginner to Advanced- Ages 15 to Adult

Only $285.00 per person

(Prepay & Sign Up REQUIRED- Seating is First Come- First Pay)

Join Painted Color Ceramics for 2 FULL days of Fun, Learning and Creation!

All Experiences welcome!

Lunch Provided!

Goodie Bag


$125 Value!

Common Questions:


Where is the retreat located?

Painted Color Ceramics- 780 Old Corvallis Road- Corvallis Montana

We are approx. 40 minutes SOUTH of Missoula. If you need to fly in for this retreat: you must fly in to Missoula Airport (MSO).

Where should i stay if I'm visiting from out of the area?

The Best hotels to stay at which are close to the studio are in Hamilton MT. Hamilton is approx 7 min. from the studio. Hamilton has a Super 8, Bitterroot River Inn, and a Best Western. There are also some fantastic Air B&Bs locally as well.

Can you give me a ride from the airport?

Im sorry, but we can not. We are open at the studio the Friday before the workshop and don't have the accommodations to do so.

How long is this retreat?

The retreat is 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) We BEGIN at 9am and end at 6pm. PLEASE ARRIVE 15 min. early so be can begin promptly. If you are late, you will have to wait until the next project is ready in order to join in. We will NOT be able to catch  you up.

Who is teaching this retreat?

Steffeni will teach 5 of the workshops and Char will teach 1. Both of the gals will assist all day. Steffeni and Char have been teaching and painting ceramics for over 35 years. They both are certified & knowledgeable about the product and ceramics business.

Do I receive a certificate for this retreat?

We do not give certificates for our retreats. However, you will leave with the skills and knowledge of how to use the products, how to apply the products and be able to create the technique on future projects!

Do I have to attend both days?

You don't have to attend both days, but you ARE charged for both days. If you are unable to attend one day, you will NOT receive your supplies for the day you were unable to attend. TWO people may not attend in the place of one person. (example: You attend Saturday and a friend attend Sunday)

I have children and no babysitter. Can my kids come?

No. There will be ONLY PAID guests in the studio during this retreat. Ages 16 to adult welcome- paid.

I do Not own a ceramic shop. Can I attend?

Of course! That is EXACTLY who this retreat is for. We LOVE new and old ceramic artists!

I'm a beginner. Can I attend?

The techniques we are teaching are designed FOR BEGINNERS. We DO recommend SOME ceramic background rather than signing up and diving in. This retreat will not be fast paced but will move quickly to accommodate the time frame. DO NOT EXPECT TO FINISH YOUR PROJECTS IN TWO HOURS!

Will I finish my projects in this retreat?

Each technique is 2 hours in length. In those 2 hours we will guide you step by step in the technique. If you do NOT finish in the 2 hour time slot you will have the tools to finish at home or in our studio during open times. If you bring your project in during open times: open rates apply. We will have a strict schedule in this retreat in order to get thru all the projects.

Why does this retreat cost so much?

This retreat is a lump sum cost that covers ALL projects, supplies and time. Your lunch will also be provided in the cost as well. Remember that ceramics is a luxury not a necessity. However, in our world- its necessary:) It will be worth it: we promise!

Can i purchase projects and supplies during the retreat?

Of course! We are a FULL ceramic retail. You can purchase any product before or after the retreat We will carry ALL the supplies we are teaching. The ONLY place to purchase the supplies we are using is thru a traditional ceramic shop. We do NOT USE BIG BOX STORE GLAZES AND SUPPLIES. Our products are MADE for ceramic clay and are Top Notch!

Is there a refund policy?

We will have a NO REFUND POLICY on this retreat. The moment that you sign up and pay your dues, we will begin ordering the supplies needed to make this event happen.

We have a HIGH demand for this workshop with those who love our studio. Please understand that in order for us to stay in business we MUST put this policy into place.

We will also NOT ALLOW transfers of the deposit to be towards product in our studio or another workshop.

We are SAVING YOUR SPACE the moment you sign up! If you are unable to attend: you MAY FIND SOMEONE TO FILL YOUR SPACE! We will not find someone to fill your space.