~Love A Llama~

Safe Haven Llama & Alpaca Sactuary Fundraiser

Saturday July 13th

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELED due to personal family matters.

780 Old Corvallis Road- Corvallis Montana


Love a Llama- Lead A Llama Fun Day 11am to 4pm

$5 per person- All ages Welcome! (recommend 5+)

Please Prepay Before Event & Check in With

Painted Color when you arrive.

You MAY pay the day of the event if needed- But if we exceed over 60 people prepay:

we may not guarantee your visit.

Safe Haven is located on the same property as Painted Color.

Stations will be set up on the llama farm for you to visit.

You may visit all stations or only the ones you are interested in.

You may stay as long or as little as you like. Please arrive at 11am to take advantage of the full day. Feel free to bring a lunch.

You MUST check in with Painted Color

before you proceed to the back of the farm.


Learning Stations will include:

-Fiber, Shearing and Wool Demo

SHLAS Volunteers Will show you how to shear a llama for the season.

You will learn the differences in wool, how to clean the wool and the amazing items that can be made from llama and alpaca fiber.

-Fertilizer and Llama Poo for Gardening

Learn why llama poo is so fantastic for your gardens and plants. Information will be explained on how their poo is different than cow or bunny fertilizer.

Poo will be available to purchase as well- by the large bag. (Bring a truck!)

-Facility/Fencing and Shelter Needs

What kind of barn and fencing do llamas need? Learn the basics.

-Vet Care & How to Care for your llama/alpaca(s)

Most of the residents at Safe Haven and in their 30's. Learn what vet care is behind taking care of llamas of all ages. Learn what to feed them, what they love as treats and how much it costs to care for an adorable critter of your own.

-Personal Relations & Hands On

Have you ever wanted to pet a llama or lead one around? Now is your chance. We will have llamas and alpacas available to meet and greet.



100% Will Go Directly To Safe Haven to assist in caring for the

llamas & alpacas.

Please Be sure to Pay for however many people are attending in your group.

Child under 4 are FREE.

(Recommended ages 5 to adult)

Donations will be gladly accepted at the event or on the SHLAS website.

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